Spalding MF21 Wedge

Loft: 50°
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Spalding MF21 Wedges are a good addition to your golf bag. The wedges are very suitable for hitting balls from the bunker due to the shape of the wedge. The bottom slides very nicely through the sand. These surfaces are also very nice for chip and pitch shots, also because the 'bounce' (sole) glides well over the grass. In addition, the wedges look very nice!

Choice of different lofts/slanted club face:

  • 50° loft (GAP Wedge)
  • 52° loft (GAP Wedge)
  • 54° loft (SAND Wedge)
  • 56° loft (SAND Wedge)
  • 58° loft (LOB Wedge)
  • 60° loft (LOB Wedge)

Tip: Search the internet for the number of degrees of your Pitching wedge and keep 4 degrees between the wedges. Example: PW is 46 degrees, then a good addition is 50, 56, 60

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