Skymax carrying bag

Colour: Black
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The best carry bag for golf beginners. The stand bag from the popular brand Skymax has enough space for 8 to 9 golf clubs with its four-compartment divider.
In addition, the stand bag has sufficient storage space, 3 different compartments and a compartment for your valuables.
The bag has three attachment points for attaching holders for your umbrella, gloves and towel.

  • Top diameter 15 cm
  • Weight 1.8 kg
  • 4 compartment division
  • Space for 8 to 9 golf clubs
  • 4 storage compartments, 1 of which is double-lined for valuables
  • 3 attachment points for umbrella, gloves and towel
  • Double carrying strap
  • Automatically folding legs

With its double carrying strap, the golf bag provides comfort while walking holes and you can easily put it down thanks to the automatically folding legs.

Skymax stands for good quality for a fair price. Ideal carrying bag for starting golfers!

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