Regrip Kit - 13x Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips, Grip tape and Shaft clamp

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With this Regrip Set you can replace the grips on your golf clubs yourself. Choice of 3 thicknesses: Standard , Midsize and Jumbo grips.

Contents of the set:

  • 13x Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips
  • 1x roll of Grip tape (double sided)
  • 1x Shaft clamp


  • Stanley knife (possibly with hook knife)
  • Vise
  • Pair of scissors
  • Gasoline
  • Paint tray

Step-by-step plan to replace grips yourself:

  1. Cut the old grip from the golf club with the Stanley knife (be careful not to damage the shaft)
  2. Remove the old grip tape (pull it off or scrape off stubborn tape with a knife and use turpentine/adhesive remover if necessary to clean the shaft)
  3. Place the golf club in a vice. Use the shaft clamp and ensure that the tip of the golf club points straight up. Bottom edge of clubface vertical.
  4. Using a new grip, measure the length of the grip tape to be placed and cut a piece of grip tape from the roll with scissors (tip: stick the beginning of the tape on the workbench, measure and cut). The length of the cut tape should not be longer than the length of the grip.
  5. Place the measured grip tape on the shaft, leaving 0.5 cm at the top of the shaft. Run a thumb over the tape so that it is firmly attached, remove the extra protective layer so that both sides stick and press the rest of the tape around the shaft. Press the upper protrusion into the shaft with a rotating movement.
  6. Place a thumb on the small hole of the grip (top) and pour a little gasoline into the larger hole (bottom) of the new grip (not too sparingly). Move the grip back and forth so it gets everywhere. Place a paint tray under the shaft, hold the grip with cleaning solvent above the tape (the large hole facing up), remove your thumb from the small hole and spread the cleaning solvent back and forth over the tape. Collect the cleaning fluid in the paint container. Please note: all tape must be damp! If not, repeat this step.
  7. Press the new grip onto the shaft and make sure that all lines on the grip are straight with the club face. (Tip: the cleaning fluid sometimes squirts out the back, if necessary place a tee in the small hole)
  8. Remove the golf club from the clamp and give the grip a few good taps on the ground. Now check the lines on the grip again to see if they are straight with the club face.
  9. Let the grip dry for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight) before use. Clean the grip and shaft with a little soap/dishwashing liquid so that any remaining cleaning fluid no longer sticks.

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